In 1975 the first plastic parts were produced in Papiermühlenstr. 58 in the small community of Waltershausen. The former owner and founder of the plastics manufacturing department, Ekkehart Kunstmann, produced together with two employees the first plastic parts on plastic injection molding machines which he got from the scrap yard and repaired them himself. In the following years new products were produced as subcontructor for companies of various sectors. From 1990 the first plastic anchors were produced for a supplier of fastening technology.
In 1994, Ralf Kunstmann followed his father after completed studies and became manufacturing manager. Resulting from greater demand even from other companies the company grew steadily. Additional employees were hired. New injection moulding machines were purchased. Ralf Kunstmann leads the busisness successfully as managing director, since 1999. After his fathers retirement in 2010, Ralf Kunstmann became sole owner. 
Since 2006, the Hüfner products are marketed globally by 4man GmbH. Together it was possible to enhance the turnover continuously year by year. This positive developement retendered permanent expanding of production and storage facilities. In 2010 the head quaters have moved to Gothaer Str. 50 where an area of 17000 square meters is availlable. The new facilities provide a 4000 square meter hall for production, storage and packaging.
All items are shipped from here to Hüfner business partners worldwide. Today, 21 machines are availlable for an annual production of more than 370 million pieces.
In 2011 a photovoltaic system has been built on the roofs of Hüfner buildings which covers one third of Hüfner electricity demand. This combines an efficient and future-orientated production with ecology. As a result the annual CO2 emissions could be reduced by 166 tons.
From the very beginning Hüfner works with the knowledge:
„This developement due not only to diligence and hard work of our employees but above all to the trust of our customers and friends who made us what we are today: your partner for the future.“
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