Wall plug "BEST", Nylon with collar stacking box

Wall plug "BEST" with collar made of pure Nylon is suitable for handling with wood and chipboard screws. Its application...
Art.No.:10 050 SB

Insulation fixing "STAR"

Insulation fixing "STAR" is an economic fixing for soft mineral fibre-materials on walls of concrete, bricks and sand-li...
Art.No.:17 000

Frame anchor Nylon – long expansion "RLP" with pozidrive screw, zinc p...

Frame anchor "RLP" with long expansion from pure Nylon with zinc plated pozidrive screw. Fast fixing in non solid materi...
Art.No.:11 250


Universal plug "UNIVERS", Plastic with collar stacking box

Universal plug "UNIVERS" with collar expandes in solid building materials (such as concrete, solid lime sand brick, maso...
Art.No.:10 350 SB

Screwnail anchor "FIX-COLOR" countersunk head brown stacking box

Screwnail anchor "FIX-COLOR" with countersunk head made of pure nylon with pre-assembled colored screwnail is used for f...
Art.No.:11 160 SB

Magnetic holder "SW"

Magnetic holder "SW" is a professional tool for daily use. It has a steel sleeve and a quick locking mechanism for a sec...
Art.No.:32 110


Frame anchor Nylon "RKS" with hexagon screw, zinc plated

Frame anchor "RKS" from pure Nylon with zinc plated hexagon screw. Fast Fixing in solid material like bricks, natural st...
Art.No.:11 220

Multianchor "MAX"

Multianchor "Max" expandes in solid building materials (such as concrete, solid lime, sand brick, masonry brick or natur...
Art.No.:10 055

Screwnail anchor "FIX-PILZ" mushroom head

Screwnail anchor "FIX-PILZ" mushroom head
Art.No.:11 300
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