Wall plug "BEST", Nylon with collar stacking box

Wall plug "BEST" with collar made of pure Nylon is suitable for handling with wood and chipboard screws. Its application...
Art.No.:10 050 SB

Metall-Nailplug "MND" stacking box

The Metal-Nailplug "MND" with muhroom-head consists of a zinc-alloy body and a zinc plated steel nail. (Plug and nail ar...
Art.No.:11 360 SB

Eye-bolt "EYE-M"

Eyebolt “EYE-M“ is made of zinc plated steel and has a welded eye. The diameter of the eye is 14 mm. The metric thread h...
Art.No.:20 005


Frame anchor Nylon "RKSF" with hexagon screw, hot galvanized

Frame anchor "RKS" from pure Nylon with hot galvanized hexagon screw. Fast Fixing in solid material like bricks, natural...
Art.No.:11 225

Sprintfix "S" with centering point

Sprintfix "S" hammer drill bit with "S" centering point usable for hammer drills with SDS-Plus chucking system. Tool for...
Art.No.:32 200

Screwnail anchor cylindrical head "FIX big flange" Nylon

Screwnail anchor "FIX big flange" of pure Nylon with zinc plated nailscrew. Fast assembling in solid materials. Subseque...
Art.No.:11 060


Screwnail anchor countersunk head "FIX" Nylon with stainless steel scr...

NagelScrewnail anchor "FIX" of pure Nylon with stainless steel nailscrew A2. Fast assembling in solid materials. Subsequ...
Art.No.:11 002

Insulation fixing "STYRO-FIX"

Insulation fixing “STYRO-FIX“ with European Technical Approval (ETA) acc. ETAG 14 is a fixing for ETICS insulation plate...
Art.No.:17 500

Universal-plug "UNIVERS" with flange

Universal-plug "UNIVERS" of high quality plastic for the use in solid material (the plug spreads in three directions) an...
Art.No.:10 350
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