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Wall-plug "BEST" plastic – with flange

Wall-plug "BEST" made of high quality plastic for use in solid materials. The plug is constructed with a flange to keep ...
Art.No.:10 150

Sprintfix "S" with centering point

Sprintfix "S" hammer drill bit with "S" centering point usable for hammer drills with SDS-Plus chucking system. Tool for...
Art.No.:32 200

Screwnail anchor "FIX-M" countersunk head stacking box

Screwnail anchor "FIX-M" with countersunk head made of pure nylon with pre-assembled zinc plated screwnail with metric-t...
Art.No.:11 075 SB


Window-Frame-Screw "FRSS"

Window-Frame-Screw "FRSS" is a zinc plated inner star countersunk head-screw for use with bits T-30. To fasten window- o...
Art.No.:23 700

Screwnail anchor "FIX-COLOR" countersunk head brown stacking box

Screwnail anchor "FIX-COLOR" with countersunk head made of pure nylon with pre-assembled colored screwnail is used for f...
Art.No.:11 160 SB

Magnetic holder "SW"

Magnetic holder "SW" is a professional tool for daily use. It has a steel sleeve and a quick locking mechanism for a sec...
Art.No.:32 110


Express nail "FIX-ANKER"

Easy application with immediate resilience, drill + drive in = ready. Pull-out results exceeding 4 KN. For use in concre...
Art.No.:29 000

plasterboard plug ''INTEGRAL''

With its integrated drill-bit there is no need for special setting tools anymore. A cross recess screwdriver or screwdri...
Art.No.:12 100

Frame anchor Nylon “RKT”with inner star screw, zinc plated

Frame anchor "RKT" from pure Nylon with zinc plated inner star screw. Fast Fixing in solid material like bricks, natural...
Art.No.:11 210
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