Plasterboard metal plug ''EASY"

With its integrated drill-bit there is no need for special setting tools anymore. A cross recess screwdriver or screwdri...
Art.No.:24 000

Universal-plug "UNIVERS" without flange

Universal-plug1 "UNIVERS" of high quality plastic for the use in solid material (the plug spreads in three directions) a...
Art.No.:10 300

Screwnail anchor "FIX-PILZ A2" mushroom head with stainless steel scre...

Screwnail anchor "FIX-PILZ A2" made of pure nylon with pre-assembled stainless steel A2 screwnail is used for fast assem...
Art.No.:11 302 SB


Metal-Insulation-Washer "MDS"

The outer diameter of the zinc plated metal washer is 70 mm the inner diameter is 9 mm, so it fits to the use of "FIX-AN...
Art.No.:29 100

Screwnail anchor countersunk "FIX COLOR" Nylon - white

with colored nailscrew - white
Art.No.:11 120

Metal cavity anchor "MHDS" stacking box

Metal cavity anchor "MHDS" with pre-assambled screw is used for light weight and middle weight fastening on chipboard, p...
Art.No.:24 100 SB


Pliers for cavity plugs

Lead the Metal cavity anchor with the pliers in the borehole and spread. By tighten the screw the pliers spreads the plu...
Art.No.:31 500

Frame anchor Nylon "RKTF" with inner star screw, hot galvanized

Frame anchor "RKTF" from pure Nylon with hot galvanized inner star screw. Fast Fixing in solid material like bricks, nat...
Art.No.:11 215

Screwnail anchor countersunk "FIX COLOR" Nylon - brown

with colored nailscrew - brown
Art.No.:11 160
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