Universal metal anchor "UMD"

Universal metal anchor "UMD" for universal using both in hollow bricks and in concrete and aerated concrete. It´s easy t...
Art.No.:24 600

Window-Frame-Screw "FRSR"

Window-Frame-Screw "FRSR" is a zinc plated inner star round head-screw for use with bits T-30. To fasten window- or door...
Art.No.:23 750

Isolating tube clamp "HOOK"

Isolating tube clamp "HOOK"
Art.No.:15 200


Screwnail anchor "FIX-PILZ A2" mushroom head with stainless steel scre...

Screwnail anchor "FIX-PILZ A2" made of pure nylon with pre-assembled stainless steel A2 screwnail is used for fast assem...
Art.No.:11 302 SB

Screwnail anchor "FIX-COLOR" countersunk head grey stacking box

Screwnail anchor "FIX-COLOR" with countersunk head made of pure nylon with pre-assembled colored screwnail is used for f...
Art.No.:11 140 SB

Screwnail-anchor countersunk "FIX-M" with threaded head

Screwnail anchor "FIX-M" countersunk of pure Nylon and screwnail with threaded head. Fast assembling of cable- and pipe ...
Art.No.:11 075


Cover-caps "RING" with round lamellas - transparent

The caps will cover the holes after the scaffold has been removed. Universal usage, high performance in application with...
Art.No.:10 600

Frame anchor Nylon – long expansion "RLS" with hexagon screw, zinc pla...

Frame anchor "RLS" with long expansion from pure Nylon with zinc plated hexagon screw. Fast fixing in non solid material...
Art.No.:11 270

Plasterboard metal plug "ARROW"

Plasterboard plug "ARROW" is used for fasteners on plasterboard (max. thickness = 12,5 mm). Easily to fix by hammering i...
Art.No.:24 025
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