Bits Innerstar "TIS" 50mm

Bit "TIS" is a premium-quality product for the professional use. It has a milled recess and S2-tempered steel with a bas...
Art.No.:32 045

Screwnail anchor countersunk "FIX COLOR" Nylon - grey

with colored nailscrew - grey
Art.No.:11 140

Wall plug "BEST", Nylon with collar stacking box

Wall plug "BEST" with collar made of pure Nylon is suitable for handling with wood and chipboard screws. Its application...
Art.No.:10 050 SB


plasterboard plug ''POWER''

The plasterboard plug "POWER" of ductile elastic plastic combines fast handling with extremely high capacity by its broa...
Art.No.:12 000
(c) hüfner dübel gmbh

Screwnail anchor "FIX-COLOR" countersunk head brass plated stacking bo...

Screwnail anchor "FIX-COLOR" with countersunk head made of pure nylon with pre-assembled colored screwnail is used for f...
Art.No.:11 100 SB

Metal cavity anchor "MHDS"

Metal cavity anchor "MHDS" with pre-assembled screw for the fast fixing of plasterboards. For processing we recommend th...
Art.No.:24 100


Metal cavity anchor "MHDS" hex-head stacking box

With its integrated drill-bit there is no need for special setting tools anymore. A cross recess screwdriver or screwdri...
Art.No.:24 101 SB

Wall plug "BEST-L" Nylon

Wall-plug "BEST" made of pure Nylon for use in solid materials. The external tooth system highly raises the pull out res...
Art.No.:10 025

Insulation fixing "STAR"

Insulation fixing "STAR" is an economic fixing for soft mineral fibre-materials on walls of concrete, bricks and sand-li...
Art.No.:17 000
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