Metal cavity anchor "MHDS" stacking box

Metal cavity anchor "MHDS" with pre-assambled screw is used for light weight and middle weight fastening on chipboard, p...
Art.No.:24 100 SB

Express nail "FIX-ANKER" stacking box

Easy application with immediate resilience, drill + drive in = ready. Pull-out results exceeding 4 KN. For use in concre...
Art.No.:29 000 SB
(c) hüfner dübel gmbh

Scaffolding-plug "POWERDRIVE" long expansion

Scaffolding-plug "POWERDRIVE" long expansion made out of Nylon, for combined usage with Hüfner eye-bolts "EYE" and Hüfne...
Art.No.:10 450


Metal Window-Frame-Anchor "FRSP"

Metal Window-Frame-Anchor "FRSP" is a zinc plated metal plug, with a zinc plated cone and a zinc plated pozidrive counte...
Art.No.:23 625

Countersinkbit "FRÄSER"

Countersinkbit "FRÄSER" is suitable for counterbores with a diameter of 12 mm. Particularly suitable for the perfect cou...
Art.No.:32 060

Metal-Insulation-Plug "ISO-ANKER"

Metal-Insulation-Plug "ISO-ANKER" consists of two parts: Flared-Flange-Pin "FIX-ANKER" and a washer, Ø 70 mm, zinc plate...
Art.No.:29 200


Eyebit "Y"

The Eyebit "Y" is used for screwing of open or closed Eyelets. A real relief for professional use. Suitable for eyelets ...
Art.No.:32 050

Plasterboard metal plug "EASY" stacking box

Plasterboard metal plug "EASY" is used for fasteners on plasterboard and lightweight board. It can be used as anchor in ...
Art.No.:24 000 SB

Wall-plug "BEST" Nylon

Wall-plug "BEST" made of pure Nylon for use in solid materials. The external tooth system highly raises the pull out res...
Art.No.:10 000
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